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7 top tips to help you choose cycling in London’s West End

Cycling can be a great transport choice for those returning to the workplace or rediscovering the West End. Check out our quick guide filled with top tips and support so you can choose cycling.

01/09/2020 - 30/09/2020

at Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Looking to start cycling into the West End?


Whether you’re nervous about using public transport or fancy keeping up with your fitness as you get back into the work life routine, cycling can be a great transport choice for those returning to the West End as we continue to reopen.

Fret not, there’s plenty of places to park your cycles and it’s a great way to keep up with social distancing.

What’s more, Transport for London (TfL) have recently launched the “GO” app, making it even easier for you to plan your route. Read more about this below.

So, if you’re new to cycling, looking for bike buddies or worried about your cycle getting stolen, here’s our quick guide offering cycle tips and support so you can choose cycling.

Leicester Square


Looking for cycle confidence training?


Amp up your peddle power with cycle confidence training. Free cyclist confidence training for all ages is available, both where you work and in your home borough.

For more details or to book a session, visit the Transport for London (TfL) Cycle Skills Hub.

Leicester Square

Take an online cycle skills course


TfL’s Cycle Skills course is suitable for new cyclists or those wanting to brush up on their skills.

To help you improve your cycling and feel more confident on London roads, you’ll get tips on:

  1. How to get you and your cycle prepared for the road
  2. How to start cycling on the road safely and responsibly
  3. Tips to brush up on your cycling skills
  4. How to cycle in a group with children

Plus, when you’ve finished all four modules you’ll receive a 24-hour access code for Santander Cycles, with all 30 minute journeys included.

For more details or to book a session, visit the Transport for London (TfL) Cycle Skills Hub.

Leicester Square

Looking for bike buddies?


For new cyclists, buddying up with a confident cyclist can be an invaluable way to help you feel safer whilst cycling.

Offering tips and support on cycle safety, how to plan the best route to your workplace, plus company on your first ride to work, there’s no better way to meet like-minded bike buddies!

Thousands of people volunteer with Bike Buddy so you’ll be sure to find the right partner for you. To find one close to you, visit the British Cycling Buddy Finder.

Leicester Square


Thinking about planning your route?


Fret not. Plan your route with the new TfL “GO” app.

Simply download the app and let the GPS find your current location, tap in your end destination, and the app will show you every possible route you can take – including cycling!

To get started, download the app on your iOS device now. Android download is coming soon.

Alternatively, you can use other cycle route apps, such as CycleMaps, CityCylist or Strava.

Leicester Square

Worried about bike theft?


The key is to deter those annoying bike thefts.

Whilst nothing can offer 100% protection, double locking your bike with secure locks when using cycle parking stands is an essential deterrent against theft.

Charity Cycling UK advises: “Look for “Sold Secure” locks, ideally with the highest rating – “gold”. If a bike thief scans the stands and sees that it will take more than a minute to breach your locks, they will be deterred and look for an easier target.”

Discover more useful guidance from The London Cycling Campaign (LCC) on how and where to lock your bike here.

Leicester Square

Dr Bike maintenance and security marking


Don’t miss the free drop-in sessions throughout September for your bike to have a maintenance check and free cycle security marking provided by the police.

No need to book, just bring your bike to Panton Street, SW1Y 4DN during the following times:

  • Tuesday 1st September 2020, from 3-6.30pm
  • Thursday 10th September 2020, from 3-6.30pm
  • Tuesday 15th September 2020, from 11am-2.30pm
  • Thursday 24th September 2020, from 3-6.30pm

For the full list of locations and times, please click here.

Leicester Square

There’s plenty of places to park your cycle


From the many toast-rack cycle stands dotted around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus, to the more secure cycle parking at Q-Park car parks, there’s plenty of bicycle parking in London’s West End.

For the latest information on cycle parking locations in the heart of London area, please visit Heart of London’s handy map here.

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