Body Worlds: The Museum Experience - Leicester Square

Body Worlds: The Museum Experience

06/10/2018 - 28/02/2019

at London Pavilion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, W1J 0DA. Price - From £17.50.

A world-class exhibition


Discover the beauty beneath your skin at the brand-new and interactive BODY WORLDS London Museum Experience in the heart of London.

Dr Gunther von Hagens’ renowned exhibition of real human bodies has sparked curiosity and awe around the world with over 47 million visitors globally. Journey through the human body and discover the magic and mysteries that lie underneath the skin.

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A life-changing experience


Expect a unique, exciting and interactive journey through the human body, described by many as ‘emotional’, ‘extraordinary’ and even ‘life-changing’.

All anatomical specimens in the exhibition are real.

BODY WORLDS is the only exhibition of real human bodies with its own established donor programme. Currently, there are over 17,000 BODY WORLDS donors, worldwide, who approved to donate their body to BODY WORLDS for public display and educational purposes.