Gymbox: Anti-Dry Jan - Leicester Square
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GYMBOX creates the first class that guarantees you end up with a six pack!*

*an ice-cold six pack of Tiny Rebel beer, that is!

04/01/2022 - 31/01/2022

Become a Tiny Rebel and be anti-dry Jan with GYMBOX

Join the 'Beer Crawl' on St Martins Lane

Fitness fanatics GYMBOX have started an Anti-Dry January campaign this year. Instead launching an anti-dry January strongman style gym class named ‘Bar Crawl’ which is inspired by the much loved, humble pub. This circuit class also comes with a rare guarantee that participants will leave the class with a six pack… of BEER!

After the indulgence of the festive season and the beginning of a new year, the pull towards starting dry January can be a strong one. However, a recent study has found that people that adopt Dry January are no more likely to reduce their alcohol intake throughout the year, GYMBOX is bucking the trend this month.

Embrace the colliding of two worlds- the gym and the pub. You’ll be immersed in the pub life as soon as you enter, as you’re treated to an (energy) shot with your warm-up. The typical gym weights are replaced with beer-filled kegs at varying heaviness. Select your keg and continue with the strongman-style circuit which comprises of six stations adapted to help you raise the… bar.

  1. Keg Lift – Dead lift with keg
  2. Landlord’s Walk – Farmer’s Walk with weighted kegs
  3. Pulling Pints – Rope pull with weighted keg
  4. Changing the Barrel – Sledge weighted with Kegs
  5. Don’t spill my drink – Overhead keg squat
  6. Queue jump – Bunny hops over keg

Just when you think you’ll be treated to a reprieve… the ‘rest’ station comprises of a drinking game favourite – Beer Pong! Manage to get the ball in and you can treat yourself to a 45 second rest! Miss out and it’s the forfeit for you, in the form of ten beerpees (that’s burpees to those wondering!)

According to some fascinating research, providing a reward for exercising can increase exercise intensity by up to 10% meaning that the promise of an ice-cold six pack could see you working even harder! At the end of class, each participant will receive a six-pack of Tiny Rebel beers to savour and enjoy, guilt-free!

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