Pride in Leicester Square - Leicester Square
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Pride in Leicester Square

07/07/2018 - 07/07/2018

at Leicester Square, WC2H 7DE. Price - Free.

Celebrate one of the biggest, boldest and brightest days of the year in Leicester Square!


Taking a central role in the Pride in London celebrations, Leicester Square Gardens will host the DIVA Women’s Stage

Sinitta, Heather Peace, Betty, Lots Holloway and Horse McDonald are among the incredible line-up of female talent, appearing alongside some of the acts that competed in Pride’s Got Talent 2018, including STITCH, Grace Hartrey and L.A.D. See below for the full line up.

As well as the daylong schedule of free performances running from midday, revellers heading to the Leicester Square can enjoy plenty of Pride-related events being organised by local venues.

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12:30 Intro – Saski
12:40 Eira Bailey
12:50 TBC
1:00 Bethany Rose
1:10 Nicole Faraday
1:20 Grace Hartrey (Pride’s Got Talent)
1:35 Matilda Wood (Pride’s Got Talent)
1:45 Sofia B (Pride’s Got Talent)
1:55 Lisa Paris (Pride’s Got Talent)
2:05 Grapefruit (Pride’s Got Talent)
2:30 Selena in the Chapel (Pride’s Got Talent)
2:45 Nicola Collis (Pride’s Got Talent)
2:55 Bekka Whitney (Pride’s Got Talent)
2:55 Host – Adam All
3:05 STITCH (Pride’s Got Talent)
3:20 L.A.D (Pride’s Got Talent)
3:30 Host – Heather Peace & Rosie Wilby
3:55 Sinitta
3:15 Lucy Whittaker
4:30 Barbara Brownskirt
4:45 Keanna Kee
4:55 Mizz Kim
5:15 Krystle Warren
5:30 Host – Jake Graf & Hannah Winterbourne
5:30 TBC
5:45 Horse
6:00 Host – Heather Peace and Rosie Wilby
6:10 Lauren Bannon
6:00 BETTY
6:45 Heather Peace
6:25 Lots Holloway
7:10 DJ – Vylit
Leicester Square