Laurel and Hardy in Liberty: Scenes in the Square - Leicester Square
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Laurel and Hardy in Liberty

Get ready to be swept of your feet by the legendary comic duo teetering of the edge of one of the most iconic buildings in the heart of Leicester Square.

at TKTS Booth, The Lodge/Clocktower, WC2H 7DE.

Looking for a classic comedy duo?


This statue, towering on top of the TKTS Booth, depicts iconic comedy duo Laurel and Hardy teetering off the ledge of a skyscraper in the film “Liberty” released in 1929.

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy appeared together in over 106 films from 1921  to 1951. In their films, Laurel would often play the clumsy and childlike friend, whereas Hardy played the bombastic leader, while at the end of the day, always maintaining their endearing friendship.

Whilst they were cast mates in the film The Lucky Dog together in 1921, they did not become a team until 1927, where the duo had their debut in Putting Pants on Philip.

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Did you know?

Household names Stan and Ollie could easily have been ‘Norvell and Arthur’ – their birth names were Norvell Hardy and Arthur Stanley Jefferson.

Want to discover more?


Sculpted by 3D Eye, this legendary comic duo are life-size replicas.

Whilst some of the statues benefited from 3D scans or extensive reference images, this statue was based solely on film footage, which makes its accuracy and personality all the more impressive.

One of the more ambitious statues in the trail, the pair appear to precariously balance on TKTS. Not quite the heights depicted in the film “Liberty”, but this brings them closer for all to see.

If you’re looking to discover this iconic duo, why not make a day of it in Leicester Square?

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