Unlimited cinema at Cineworld for Film Festival Season - Leicester Square
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Unlimited cinema at Cineworld for Film Festival Season

Experience an unlimited supply of cinema screenings with Cineworld’s exclusive offer to celebrate film festival season in Leicester Square!

09/09/2019 - 13/10/2019

at 5-6 Leicester Square, WC2H 7NA. Price - ££.

See any film, any time, as much as you like


Sounds great, right? That’s what we think.

So, we’ve bagged all you film fanatics an exclusive special offer from Cineworld Leicester Square to celebrate film festival season in London’s home of film!

Simply sign-up to Cineworld’s Unlimited to get 12 months of unlimited 2D films. The best part? You get a whole month of FREE films at the end of your contract with our unique code: LSQFILMFESTIVALS. Available now until 13th October 2019.

From only £20.90 a month, being an Unlimited card holder means you can watch what you want, when you want, as many times as you want. You’ll save money when watching films in 3D, Superscreen, IMAX, VIP, D-Box, 4DX, ScreenX and Event Cinema. Plus, you get 10% off snacks and drinks and all the latest news off special preview screenings of upcoming films.

So, what are you waiting for?

There’s plenty more to enjoy


After you’ve been a member of Unlimited for one year, Cineworld will upgrade you to a Premium Card so you can get into 3D films completely free too!

Premium card holders get 25% off Cineworld’s in-cinema food and drinks including, all drinks, popcorn, nachos, hotdogs, ice cream, pick n mix and much more. Whether your Premium or Unlimited, all card holders get 10% discounts at Cineworld Starbucks licensed stores. All you need to do is show your card at the counter and your discount will be applied.

As always, terms and conditions apply.

But, are you looking for another reason to join Unlimited?

Keep scrolling for the top picks of what’s coming up this season!



Are you ready for a fright?

The conclusion to the highest-grossing horror film of all time is here with IT Chapter Two.

Evil resurfaces in Derry as Director, Andy Muschietti reunites the Losers Club. 27 years after the young Losers club defeated Pennywise, he returns to terrorize the town again. Older and wiser, the Losers Club must conquer their deepest fears!

As more children go missing, will they defeat the clown that’s now deadlier than ever?

Find out now in this cultural zeitgeist of a film.

Book your tickets online here. Or, call Cineworld Leicester Square on: 0330 333 4444.

Available to view in cinemas from Friday 6th September 2019.



Who will save you from yourself?

Directed by Ang Lee and starring Will Smith, Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Clive Owen, Gemini Man is an innovative jam-packed action-thriller.

Henry Brogan, played by Will Smith, is an elite assassin who’s suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move.

But, just what exactly will the incredible duo discover?

Find out for yourselves and book your big cinematic adventure online. Or, call Cineworld Leicester Square on: 0330 333 4444.

Available to view in cinemas from Friday 11th September 2019.



Would you give your life for the pursuit of knowledge?

Directed by James Gray and starring Brad Pitt, prepare for an out-of-this-world adventure with Ad Astra!

Astronaut Roy McBride, played by Brad Pitt, travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father. His journey will unravel a mystery that threatens the survival of our planet.

Uncovering secrets that challenge the nature of human existence and our place in the cosmos, will he survive? Or, is his destiny doomed just like his dads?

Find out as you be the first to see the film!

Book your tickets online. Or, call Cineworld Leicester Square to find out more on: 0330 333 4444.

Available to view in cinemas from 18th September 2019.